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Specialty Services

At LIS, the most important part of our business is the satisfaction of our clients. We have provided reliable service to our clients for over ten years. LIS specializes in providing calibration and preventive maintenance to laboratory instruments, including all brands of microwave analyzers.

Expert Technicians

LIS’ expert technicians are very knowledgeable in various laboratory instruments and brands. Our technicians travel all over the U.S. attending to all of our client’s instrument needs.

Industries Serviced

LIS started with providing services to food production plants and food production companies. Over the past few years LIS services have expanded to cover industries in, wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, chemical plants, and plastic manufacturing.

Instruments Serviced

LIS specializes in providing calibration and preventive maintenance to microwave analyzers, but LIS services have expanded to include a variety of laboratory instruments. Over the years we have provided services to: pH meters, convection ovens, balances, scales, and tritrators.

Calibration Service Includes:
  • NIST Certification
  • Calibrate Weight, Pressure & Temp
  • Perform Drift Tests
  • Perform Power Tests
  • Verigy Manufacturer's Specs Are Met
Preventative Maintenance Includes:
  • Clean and Inspect All Components
  • Inspect Fuses and Wirings
  • Replace Overworked Parts
  • Inspect and Verify Input Power
  • Verify Manufacturer's Specs are Met

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